Staff Introduction
Welcome Note From The Commander
Good evening Comrades, So, to begin with I have taken over the duties of Commander, Krist Beseler is the Senior Vise, Doug Ratz is the Junior Vice & Adjutant, & Steve Schiffli is the Quartermaster taking over from CSM Jimmy Goss who is a Master of numbers & that may be an understatement. We have a dynamic team in place to carry on & an amazing Auxiliary too.

I want you all to know that this is not an easy duty as some may think, I have gigantic shoes to fill from Krist. He not only has kept us an All-State Post but he projected us into an "ALL AMERICAN POST" this is a first for our little club & I hope not the last time either. This is where you all come in, I may throughout the year be calling for help whether it be for a Charcoal Chicken Event, Pork Steak Dinner, Ham & Turkey Raffle Fundraiser or Recruitment if you can help great if not no problem. We have a core of aging folks that kick butt volunteering & without them we would fail. We are all in this together to make this Post the best it can be, respecting each other, helping each other out in a time of need you name we have amazing people in the Post that are dedicated to making it the best & again if we can’t do this we fail.

So as we transition into this year I am knocking the dust off as it has been a while for me being the Commander. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me & I will do my best to accomplish these goals I have set for myself as well, All State & All American Post it will take all of us to accomplish these goals & I am looking forward to it. If anyone ever needs to talk my phone is always on. I also have another goal in mind & that is to do a Recruiting campaign with Kim Beseler for the Auxiliary we need to fill those chairs as well as our Post!! So if anyone has any ideals let Kim & I know.

I just want you all to realize just how awesome we have it in Post 10406!

No One Does More For Veterans


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