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Welcome Note From The Commander

Welcome to the 2019/2020 post year. VFW Post 10406 has had an exciting past few years being a 2 time All State Post. Commander Mike Stanton and Quartermaster Jim Goss have much to be proud of. I and the post thank both of them for their hard work in ensuring our post met All State standards and taking our post to the next level.

This year we continue to work towards meeting those same standards, expanding a few of our programs and adding a few special projects. I also hope to take my previously earned knowledge of this organization and our goals and expand that to benefit our organization. I am extremely appreciative in all your help and efforts that ensure we succeed through the year. Having a current and in good standing membership and our combined numbers are the backbone of our organization and the most important single thing you can do for your fellow veterans. Without your membership we fail in our efforts.

Locally we have built a long history and have had many achievements to be proud of. Many of our local veterans worked very hard to ensure our future and what we have today. I look forward to preserving and expanding on those efforts this year with your help.

No One Does More For Veterans



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